Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale

Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
Product Name
Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale
USD 800~900/MT
Hot rolled steel
Steel Grade
Q235B, ASTM A36, etc
Lead Time
30 days from deposit received
Standard seaworthy packing
Payment Term
T/T, L/C
Q235 is a Chinese steel grade, which equip to ASTM A36, it is a common steel grade for carbon steel coils, steel sheets and steel pipes. Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe is Welded steel pipe, refers to the steel pipe with joints on the surface, which is welded after the steel strip or steel plate is bent and deformed into circular, square and other shapes. The blank used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or steel strip

Q235 Carbon Steel Round Steel Pipe Wholesale

Welded steel pipe

Welding method: arc welded pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance welded pipe

Weld shape: straight welded pipe and spiral welded pipe

Advantages of longitudinal welded pipe: simple production process and high production efficiency

Corrosion resistance: strong corrosion resistance in acidic environment


This photo shows our stock of welded steel round pipe, our regular stock of carbon steel round pipe is 1,000 tons, the advantage for wholesalers like us,

our price will remain at a relatively stable price when the market price unstable, and our price validity will also valid for more few days than other suppliers.

The development of wilded carbon steel pipes

Since the 1930s, with the rapid development of high-quality strip continuous rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the weld quality has been continuously improved, the varieties and specifications of welded steel pipes have been increasing, and seamless steel pipes have been replaced in more and more fields. Welded steel pipe has lower cost and higher production efficiency than seamless steel pipe.


This photo shows big diameter welded carbon steel pipe stock.

Corrosion performance of welded carbon steel pipe

When the t-welded steel pipe contains Ni, it has strong corrosion resistance in acidic environment. In the environment containing sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, the higher the content of Ni in the t-welded steel pipe, the stronger the corrosion resistance. In general environment, corrosion can be prevented only by adding CR to t-welded steel pipe. The poor condition of steel strip edge is another important reason for misalignment. Effects of mass flow, heat flux and structural parameters (ratio of spiral curvature diameter to t-welded steel pipe diameter DC / D) on saturated bubbly boiling heat transfer coefficient in vertical spiral pipe.

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Name: Hand Larry        time:2022-05-09 10:47:26
Good Steel Pipe! Works Fine!

Name: DRs         time:2022-05-07 11:29:05
As description, the steel pipe works great! Well made and easy to cut with grinder/metal cutting wheel.

Name: Padgett        time:2022-04-11 14:51:33
Yes. The welded carbon steel pipe is perfect! It does everything it claims!

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