Anti corrosion pipe types and price

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Anti corrosion pipe types and price
Anti-corrosion pipes, also known as anti-corrosion steel pipes. Today, we will talk about anti corrosion pipe types and price. Anti corrosion pipes are about 6 types. The price of 3PE anti corrosion pipes is about $700-1000/ton. Hope it will be helpful to readers.

Anti-corrosion pipes

Anti-corrosion pipes, also known as anti-corrosion steel pipes, refer to steel pipes that are processed by anti-corrosion technology, which can effectively prevent or slow down chemical or electrochemical reactions and corrosion during transportation and use.

Anti corrosion pipe types

IPN8710 anti-corrosion pipe

When there are many types of corrosive media in the steel pipe, such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidant and water vapor, the coating must be chemically inert and resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion. The coating film should have a dense structure, good waterproof permeability and strong adhesion. , tough and plump. In such cases, IPN8710 anticorrosion is applicable.

IPN8710 anti-corrosion primer pipe

IPN8710 anti-corrosion primer pipe is composed of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigments and fillers, additives, etc. It is cured at room temperature to form an interpenetrating network, the coating film structure is dense, acid, alkali, salt, and rust resistance. Excellent, strong adhesion, used for anti-corrosion primer coating on the inner wall of water supply pipelines.

IPN8710 anti-corrosion topcoat pipe

IPN8710 anti-corrosion topcoat pipe is composed of epoxy, rubber resin modification, non-toxic anti-rust pigments and fillers, and additives. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial erosion, used for anti-corrosion finish paint on the inner wall of water supply pipeline.

FBE epoxy powder anticorrosion pipe

FBE epoxy powder anti-corrosion pipe adopts electrostatic spraying process to coat epoxy powder on the surface of steel pipe and form a film at one time. The coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance and bending resistance of the coating, and high temperature resistance.

2PE/3PE anticorrosion pipe

2PE/3PE anti-corrosion pipe is to electrostatically spray epoxy powder on the surface of the steel pipe, wind the adhesive sideways, and wind the polyethylene anti-corrosion layer sideways, combining the excellent properties of the three, thereby significantly improving the overall quality of the anti-corrosion pipeline. It has chemical resistance, cathodic disbondment resistance and mechanical damage resistance.

3PE anti-corrosion pipe

3PE anti-corrosion pipe structure: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE>100um), the second layer of adhesive (AD) 170~250um, the third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5~3.7mm. The three materials combine and bond firmly with the steel pipe to create an excellent anti-corrosion coating. The diameter of the pipe ranges from Φ60 to Φ1420.

2PE anti-corrosion pipeline

The double-layer PE anti-corrosion structure of the 2PE anti-corrosion pipeline: the first layer of adhesive (AD) and the second layer of polyethylene (PE). The two materials are one piece, and each layer has the same thickness as the three layers of PE.

2PE/3PE anti-corrosion pipes are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structures, marine water delivery and piling and other pipeline engineering fields.

Epoxy coal tar pitch anticorrosion pipe

Epoxy coal tar pitch anti-corrosion pipe is an anti-corrosion coating made of epoxy resin + coal tar pitch + filler on the surface of the steel pipe with glass cloth as a reinforcement coating to form an anti-corrosion layer, which is often used for anti-corrosion of the outer wall of the pipeline. The thickness is generally 0.5 ~ 1.0mm.

High-density polyethylene jacket anti-corrosion pipe

The high-density polyethylene coat pipe is made of high-density polyethylene material wrapped on the outer surface of the steel pipe. It has extremely high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance, and can protect the steel pipe from external factors during transportation, installation and use. of destruction. Antioxidants, UV stabilizers and carbon black should be added to the outer casing. The polyethylene outer casing is easy to age. If it is stored in the open air, it should be covered with a tarpaulin. performance and longevity.

Silicone high temperature anticorrosion pipe

Silicone anti-corrosion layer, hard silicon calcium tile insulation layer, galvanized iron wire reinforcement layer, aluminum silicate fiber cloth waterproof layer, steel casing, and the organic silicon coating of titanium aluminum alloy powder on the inner surface of the steel casing and the organic silicon coating on the outer surface. Silicone coating composition. The silicone anti-corrosion layer is composed of a coating cured product composed of silicone resin, ceramic powder, talc powder, mica powder, alumina powder and titanate. It has the properties of anti-corrosion, heat preservation, waterproof and external protection. Its silicone anti-corrosion layer can withstand high temperature of 600, and can be used for heat preservation pipelines conveying high temperature medium of 550.

Anti corrosion pipe price

We mainly produce and wholesale 3PE anti corrosion pipes. The price mentioned here mainly refers to 3PE anti corrosion pipes. Currently, The price of 3PE anti corrosion pipes is about $700-1000/ton. Different 3PE anti corrosion pipes have different prices. For example, The price of spiral 3PE submerged arc welding (SSAW) steel pipes is about $700/ton. The price of 3PE anti-corrosion coating steel pipes is about $800/ton. The price will vary depending on Steel grade, thickness and width different. If you need to buy 3PE anti corrosion pipes, please provide us with specific specifications and requirements, and we will quote you accordingly.


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