JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy

JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
Product Name
JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy
FOB China USD 900/MT
Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP)
Steel Grade
Lead Time
30 days from deposit received
Standard seaworthy packing
Payment Term
T/T, L/C at sight
Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) is refers to through continuous electric two thin obtained plated with a thin layer of metal tin rolled low carbon steel sheet coil. JIS G3303 is a Japanese standard specified tinplate and blackplate. Produced into cans, beverage bottles are the most common application of tinplate.

JIS G3303 Electrolytic Tinplate Coil ETP for Food Can Italy

The advantages of Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP)

Resistant to corrosion, high strength, good molding, easy welding, non-toxic, elegant appearance, economical.


The detailed application of Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP)

Food cans, beer cans, beverage cans, the bottom caps, 18 liter cans, oil cans, pails, decorative cans, screw caps, crown caps, toys and many other products.


Features of Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP)

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Tin coating mass protect the base steel and resistant to corrosion.


2. Excellent Properties for Can-Making

Electrolytic Tinplate (ETP) incorporates every property vital to the easy production of quality cans: lacquerablity, printabilitym silderability, weldability and workablity.


3. Wide Choice

1) Wide choice of coating mass.

2) Differential coatings available.

3) Choice of Bright Smooth Finish, Matte Finish, and Stone Finish.

4) Comes in both cut sheets and coils.

5) Wide range of tempers.

6) The advanced double reduction mill is used to produce DR (double-reduced) tinplate..

7) Wide range of base metals.

8) K-plate, J-pate and other highly corrosion resistance grades are also available.

9) Good workability of DI (Drawn & Ironed) material.

10) Scrolled cut sheet available.

11) Coated and printed sheet available.

12) Slit coil available.


Internal structure composition of tinplate



Tinplate in Italy Market

As is known to all, Italy is rich in tomatoes, and spaghetti and pizza are their specialties, so they need cans to store ketchup and tomato paste. 

Tinplate is the most suitable material for producing cans.

So there is a huge demand of tinplate in Italy market.

Coating Mass /Coating weights for tinplate

There are two types coating of mass: the Equally coated Mass(in which both sides have the same mass of tin coating) and 

the Differentially Coated Mass(in which one side is more heavily coated than the other )

Letter symbol of  classificationType of CoatingDesignation of
coating mass
Nominal coating
average coating  
Former designation
coating mass
SPTE TinplateEqually coating2.8/2.82.8/2.82.45/2.45#25



Temper of Tinplate

XINO Steel produces tinplate in the following tempers:

Nominal hardness  
Yield strength
CharacteristicTipical Usages
SRT-149230+/-50TS230Soft for drawingDrawing requirements, drawn ironed cans, nozzles, spouts, closures
T-253245+/-50TS245Moderate drawing where some stiffness is requiredRings and plugs, dome tops, closures, shallow drawn and specialized can parts
T-2.555260+/-50TS260Combines the characteristics of T-2 and T-3.Battery cell bodies, small can ends and bodies
T-357275+/-50TS275Shallow drawing, general purpose with fair degree of stifness to minimum flutingCan ends and bodies, large diameter closures,crwon caps
T-3.559290+/-50TS290Decreased stifnessCan bodies, and closures and crown caps
T-461340+/-50TH415Moderate stiffnessCan bodies, and closures and crown caps
T-565480+/-50TH435Increased stifness to resist buckling without the use of rephosphorized steelCan ends and bodies
DRDR-7.571520+/-50TH520Great stifness and strengthCan ends and bodies, drawn-and-redrawn-cans


Surface / Finishes of Tinplate

Tinplate surface: Bright,Stone,Super Stone,Matt, Silver

Finishes: Bright, fine stone ,stone,silver matte

Different finishes have differently Roughness:

bright≤ 0.30
fine stone0.25 – 0.45
stone0.30 – 0.75
silver matt0.40 – 2.25
matt0.40 – 2.25


Steel types/ Grade:

XINO Steel produces tinplate base metal in a broad range of types to meet customers' requirements for corrosion resistance, workability and strength. Chemical compositions are controlled by ladle analysis.

Steel TypesRenarks
LThis steel which is low in metalloids and residual elements, us sometimes used for improved internal corrosion resistance for certain food product containers.
MRSimilar in metalloid content to Type L but less restrictive in residual elements, is commonly used for most tinplate applications.
DAluminum killed, is sometimes required for severe drawing applications or to minimize severe fluting and stretcher strain hazards.


Available Size of Tinplate

3~14 metric tons for tinplate coils weight


Passivation for tinned grades

Tinplate have different passivation ways use different Code

such as:

CFPA   (Chromium-free Passivation Alternative)    Code 555

Dip passivation     Code 300

Electrochemical   passivation    Code 311

Electrochemical   passivation    Code 3141

Single-Reduced   SizeDouble-Reduced   Size
Thickness (mm)0.18-0.600.18-0.600.15-0.600.15-0.60
Width (mm)5-10505-10505-10505-1050
Length (mm)458-1500-458-1500-
Coils weight   (Metric Tons)-3-14-3-14
Inner Diameter   (mm)-406,419,508-406,419,508


Packing and Marking




XINO STEEL tinplate is packed with special care to withstand severe handling in marine transit. Special care is given to prevent rust and scratching.

Typical examples of packaging methods are shown above.



Each package is marked with product name. Specifications, coating mass, thickness, dimensions, temper, number of sheets contained, met weight, gross weight, production number, package number, origin and “XINO STEEL”. Other marks can be added, if desired.


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