Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers

Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
Product Name
Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers
FOB China USD 1000/MT
Galvanized steel
Steel Grade
DX51D or equivalent
Lead Time
30 days from deposit received
Standard seaworthy packing: Packed with kraft paper, plastic bag,thick cardboard,steel sheets,and fasten with steel belts.
Payment Term
T/T, L/C
Galvanized coil is a thin steel sheet that immerses the steel sheet into the molten zinc bath and adheres a layer of zinc to its surface. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the rolled steel plate is continuously immersed in the zinc melting bath to make galvanized steel plate; Alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This kind of steel plate is also made by hot dip method, but after it is out of the groove, it is immediately heated to about 500 ℃ to form an alloy coating of zinc and iron. The galvanized coil has good coating adhesion and weldability. We are the manufacture of galvanized steel coil for more than 15 years, is the professional galvanized steel coil supplier.

Galvanized Steel Coil Suppliers

Specification of Galvanized Steel Coil

Thickness: 0.1-6.0mm

Width: 30-1500mm

Zinc Coating: Z30~Z275

Quality Guarantee: 8-20 years

Standard: JIS G3302, ASTM A653 / A653M / A924M, IS277/92, AS 1397, EN 10142, EN 10147, DIN 17162, ES C.D7.001 equivalent

Substrate: Full Hard, CQ, D / DD / LFQ & Structural

Surface Finish: Regular Spangle, Minimized Spangle, Skin-Passed, Extra Smooth, Galvanized annealed

Surface Treatment: Chromated / Unchromated Treatment, Oiled  Resin Coated (Anti Finger Print), Dry

Edge Condition: Trimmed / Mill Edge

Application: Mainly used for making roof, door and window, roller shutter door, and suspended skeleton in building industry, vehicle shell, chassis, door, trunk lid, oil tank and fender in auto industry, steel sash blank and color coated sheet substrate in metallurgy industry, and refrigerator base, shell, refrigerating chamber, kitchen equipment and other parts in electrical equipment industry.


This photo shows our warehouse in our factory, you can see a huge quantity of galvanized coils,

the average annual inventory of galvanized coil is 100,000 tons for different specifications.

This photo shows regular spangle galvanized coils, which is the most common spangle in galvanized steel market. 

We customized the spangle form according to different applications, also supply zero spangle, small spangle, big spangle.


This photo shows small spangle galvanized steel.


This photo shows zero spangle galvanized steel coil, this kind of spangle requires higher zin coating mass unless 60 g/m2

And the price will be higher than other spangle of galvanized coils.

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