0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana

0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
Product Name
0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana
FOB China USD 1050/MT
Galvalume steel
Steel Grade
JIS G3302, ASTM A653/A653M/A924M,IS277/92,AS 1397,EN10142,EN10147,DIN17162
1200mm,1219mm,1220mm,1250mm or Customized
Lead Time
30 days from deposit received
Standard seaworthy packing
Payment Term
T/T, L/C
Aluzinc IDT is a common roofing shape with superior strength. The ribs make the roofing sheets very strong, increasing the durability of the building and prevents rippling during construction. Thickness usually is 0.4-5.0mm. Aluzinc also called galvalume, which is a good material for making roofing sheets with superior antirust performance, the service life will up to 10-15 years.

0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana

What is Aluzinc IDT roofing sheets?

Aluzinc IDT roofing sheet is a common roofing shape with superior strength. The distance between the main ribs is 171.5mm, the height is 35mm, and there are two small ribs in the middle. These small ribs plus the thickness of the material make this panel very strong. This not only increases the durability of the building, but also prevents rippling during construction. Interlocking panels create a charming appearance and also provide a weatherproof seal. They have a deep anti siphon slot to prevent leakage. Common thickness (0.4-5.0mm) in Ghana.



This is a simply drawing of IDT roofing sheets for reference, it shows the ribs and distance, height of ribs.

The total roof width can be longer depends on base metal width.

Appearance of Aluzinc roofing sheets

The surface is initially shiny metal with a diamond pattern, but after a period of time, it will turn gray and eventually matte gray.

The thicker the aluzinc coating mass the slower the aging rate.


This photo shows galvalume appearance you can see the unique pattern looks like diamond. 

Trimming of Aluzinc roofing sheets

 In general, the trimmed edges do not need to be painted, but in corrosive environment, the trimmed edges are aesthetically prominent, and it is recommended to apply protective paint.


AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana Lifetime

Aesthetic life is a measure of the time required for the finish to change to the extent that the appearance no longer meets the requirements. Technical life refers to the time required for the plate to no longer protect the supporting structure or foundation of the building. The thickness of aluminum zinc layer on each side of az150 is about 20μm(0.020 mm) in Ghana.


In the normal environment (C2) with free exposure of aluminum and zinc, the corrosion rate (i.e. the number of coatings lost per year) is up to 0.2 μ m。 Due to corrosion and appearance related reasons, the following combinations should be avoided to avoid affecting the appearance and technical life: 

The combination of aluminum and zinc with copper, brass or lead can lead to galvanic corrosion. Avoid draining water from buildings and roofs containing these metals. In particularly harsh environments, even stainless steel and nickel will increase the corrosion rate of aluminum and zinc. 

Aluminum and zinc in contact with high-grade wood, wet wood or copper containing waterproof wood can cause black rust or corrosion. 

Aluminum zinc is used in combination with asphalt products without UV stabilizer. 

The combination of aluminum and zinc with highly alkaline wet concrete, cement and plastering will cause discoloration or black rust.



This photo shows prepainted galvalume steel roofing sheets, the base metal are aluzinc steel then painting on different color as request.

The color can be customized according to RAL number.

Corrosion of AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana

Aluminum zinc has the ability of self-healing, so that the material can resist the corrosion caused by scratches for Ghana. The reason for the long service life is that the aluminum zinc coating provides double anti-corrosion protection for the steel plate. The first protective factor is the coating on the steel plate, which forms a passivation barrier against general corrosion. Another protective factor is that when the plate is exposed to moisture (electrolyte), galvanic elements will form, resulting in the flow of zinc ions, and protect the exposed steel from scratches or corrosion of trimmed edges.


Environment of AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheets Ghana

 Compared with hot-dip galvanized sheet, for example, aluminum zinc has long service life and significant environmental benefits Ghana. There are a lot of steel produced worldwide to recycle steel, and the effect is very good. Once steel is produced. This is part of a continuous cycle because steel always recycles materials. The steel is always 100% recyclable, and the metal layer will not cause any problems for remelting.

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Name: Pearson Danny        time:2022-05-11 14:04:52
Relative to all the roofing sheets I’ve installed, this product was consistently wavy, not like those other groovy and wavy roofs. I will definitely. Buy this again! Sheds water like a champ.

Name: Tammie Y.        time:2022-04-25 11:17:43
The quality of the 0.4mm AZ150 Aluzinc IDT Roofing Sheet is very good and my customers like it very much. Will continue to order. I hope the price will be more favorable.

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